For Physicians

myPatientAccess is a secure portal that offers patients secure web-based access to their health information and health management tools. There is no additional cost to the physician and no upgrade or installation required when offering services through myPatientAccess. With "Nightingale On Demand", you already have everything you need for your practice.

With myPatientAccess, you can

• Engage patients in their own healthcare management
• Increase office efficiency
• Improve patient management and care

Save time for physicians and staff

Reduce time you and your staff spend on the phone by allowing patients to manage routine tasks on their own through myPatientAccess. You can post select clinic hours online and let your patients efficiently schedule appointments themselves. Send automated care reminders to patients without opening charts or picking up the phone. myPatientAccess’s secure patient portal is hosted and operated by us. Depending on how you proceed with your patients, we will support you with its implementation. We will handle subscriptions, billing and collection to help maintain the efficiency of your practice.

Maintain control

You decide how your online services are delivered, including which services are offered, what information is provided and which patients get access. To make things easier, Nightingale has preconfigured bundles of services at different subscription levels to suit the individual needs of your patients.

Easy to get started and easy to use

All you need to get started is "Nightingale On Demand". Nightingale will train you and your staff, provide you with patient information an enrollment materials, and even manage subscriptions from patients. All your patient needs is an internet connection to gain access to their online services.

Don't pay a 3rd party to manage your preventive care or block fee programs

If you are considering paying a Third Party Vendor to manage your preventive care or un-insured (block fee) programs consider the following:

• You can use your current Nightingale EMR with myPatientAccess – AT NO ADDITIONAL COST
• Why pay 15-20% of your revenue to these companies?
• myPatientAccess will handle all Payment Processing, and allow you to communicate directly with your Patient Base.
• There is no need to upgrade or install new software or systems.
• Simply call us to book an activation date.
• Its much more efficiently handled directly through your EMR

There is no need to pay a 3rd party anymore! With nightingale and canadian patient access we now equip you with all the tools you need to keep more of your revenue in your pocket. Mypatientaccess is the first fully integrated canadian personal health record (phr) system connecting patients directly to their emr and their physicians.

Call today to book your “mypatientaccess” activation date 416.398.0988

Service highlights

Appointment scheduling

Patients schedule their own appointments according to the parameters you set. Your staff spend less time on the phone. Patients in need can now get through to you.

Allows staff to focus on more productive tasks.

Medical history summary

Give patients access to their own medical information, including allergies, medications, immunizations, conditions, medical procedures, family history and more.

Can be life saving, especially during an emergency.

Educational information

Provide your patients with helpful and relevant
educational material. Patients want to learn about their
health conditions; educate them with accurate and reputable information that you deem relevant for them.

Engage your patients and guide them through their healthcare.

Gather and maintain patient information

Keep patient demographic information updated, post
medical questionnaires prior to appointments or gather
other important information—such as diet or blood sugar
levels—directly from patients as often as you like.

Monitor patients’ progress more closely.

Post lab results

Patients can view their own lab results, with
comments from you attached, and receive
notifications if and when follow-up is required.

Reduce patient anxiety and office calls for information.

Prescription refill requests

Patients can request a prescription refill without having
to call or visit your office. When you fulfill these
requests, you can charge for the service you provide.

Help patients in an emergency and improve efficiency.

Engage in secure communications


Communicate securely with patients when a face-to-face
consultation is not available. Email is never a good means to deal with personal, private and sensitive medical information.

Remote consultations can expand your means for providing quality care.

Automated care alerts

Notify patients when they are due for a required test,
follow-up or exam.

Better and more complete patient care.